Manage Blount's Disease With Our Unique Dynamic Bracing System

Is a dynamic bracing system with a unique posterior pivot and unique ankle joint designed to treat Pediatric Orthopedic leg problems. Custom fabricated from individual patient models. This is a patented system that can effectively manage Blount’s Disease and other pediatric leg deformities without locking the knee and in many cases eliminate the need for surgery. It may be worn 24/7 and does not interfere with normal ambulation.

Proven Effectiveness In Weeks

Patients using our Blounts KAFO Dynamic Bracing System have experienced results within weeks. In a 24 month old male 14 Degrees bilateral was corrected to 5 degrees Bilateral. Course of treatment: 22 weeks. Please see our Cases and Results page for more information.

May Eliminate Need For Surgery

Our system has been used to effectively treat Blount's Disease, Tibial Vera, Tibia Valga and other pediatric leg deformities. In many cases this device has been able to eliminate the need for surgery. We produce products that simplify or omit the need for more in depth treatment when possible.

Doesn’t Interfere With Daily life

We have dedicated our time to the research, development and innovation of orthotic and prosthetic devices. JMMR INC. currently holds 18 patents in the medical device field.