Treatment For Blount’s Disease


The patented Blount’s KAFO Brace from Simplicity Systems by JMMR Inc. has been proven to eliminate the need for surgery in some patients. Custom Molded. Trusted By Our Clients. See example results.

As Seen In NYU Langone Presentation

The Blount’s KAFO Brace was recently featured in a NYU Langone Medical Center presentation titled: Treating Early Onset Blount’s Disease (Tibia Vara): 
With a New Dynamic Lower Extremity Brace. by W.B. Lehman, M.D. 
Alice Chu, M.D. Abdel Majid Sheikh Taha, M.D.
 Jessica Sanchez, C.O.
 Debra A. Sala, M.S. from P.T. Department of Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery Hospital for Joint Diseases at NYU Langone Medical Center, 
New York, N.Y. Diagram & conclusion slide is from presentation.

Blount’s KAFO

What Is It

The Blount’s KAFO Brace uses a Positive Track Telescoping Ankle Joint and is self adjusting during dynamic correction . Controls tibial torsion and aligns foot, correcting toe.

The simplicity system orthosis directs the force from lateral to medial via a patented swivel hinge and elastic strap on posterior of brace below knee hinge. This allows correction take place even when child is walking or playing.

How Do I Get One

The Blount’s KAFO Brace is only available through a trained Orthotist or Physician. Call us at 1-800-236-5166. A certified Orthotic Practioner will be familiar with all the techniques to cast, fit and monitor your childs orthotic treatment.

Together with your doctor and Orthotist we will work to treat your child with this remarkable corrective orthotic device. We always strive to achieve the best result possible.

Example Results

The following two examples are real world patients that were prescribed a course of treatment using our patented technology. A before and after x-ray is shown to illustrate the stark difference in Bilateral Degrees, as a result of using the Simplicity Systems Blount’s KAFO Brace.

Fig 1
Actual case, 30 month old female. Patient x-ray before our course of treatment. Initial 15 Degrees Bilateral.

Corrected to 6 degrees Bilateral. Course or treatment: 20 weeks.

Blount’s KAFO Brace

Fig 2
Actual case, 24 month old male. Patient x-ray after our course of treatment. Initial 14 Degrees Bilateral.

Corrected to 5 degrees Bilateral. Course of treatment: 22 weeks

Blount’s KAFO Brace

Why Simplicity Systems

The founders of Simplicity Systems by JMMR Inc are board Certified Practitioners in Orthotics and Prosthetics and have vast experience in the development of orthopedic devices in the fields of Orthopedic Surgery and Orthotics and Prosthetics. We are associated with some of the finest hospitals and doctors in the United States and also have a constantly expanding international base.

Dynamic Correction

The Simplicity System Orthosis directs the force from lateral to medial via a patented swivel hinge and elastic force strap on the posterior of the brace below the knee hinge. This allows the correction to take place even when the child is walking or playing.

Results In Weeks

Patients using the Simplicity Systems Blount’s KAFO Brace have experienced extraordinary results, in as little as 20 weeks with as much as a 9 Degree correction. See example results above.

Proven Technology

JMMR Inc has dedicated an immense amount of time to the research, development and innovation of orthotic and prosthetic solutions. We hold 18 patents in the medical device field and are adding new developments every day.

May Eliminate The Need For Surgery

The Blount’s KAFO Brace has been used to effectively treat Blount’s Disease, Tibial Vera, Tibia Valga and other pediatric leg deformities. In many cases, it has been able to eliminate the need for surgery.

Our Technology VS The Others

Other Brace systems only work when the knee joint is locked therefore inhibiting normal activity and are usually worn only when the child is sleeping. The JMMR brace does not impede normal locomotion and activities.


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